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Referent Titel Professur
Bara Corinne The Onset and Diffusion of Civil War: Complexity and Temporal Dynamics Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Bauck Sönke Pascal Nüchterne Staatsbürger für junge Nationen: Antialkoholaktivismus in Argentinien und Uruguay (1876-1933)
Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Gerigk Joschka Lucas
The Influence of Special Interest Groups on the Design of Environmental Regulation Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Jaworski Sylvia Die doppelte Assimilation: Vorstellungen von Assimilation, Religion und Nation im polnischsprachigen Judentum (1866-1896)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Kilcher
Kaya Cansarp Representing Interests after Decision-making: An analysis of interest group activities during transposition and application of EU law Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Mangold Hannes
Fahndung nach dem Raster. Informationsverarbeitung bei der bundesdeutschen Kriminalpolizei, 1965-1984
Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Savary Luzia Judith Race, Evolution and Public Spheres: The Vernacularization of Science in Colonial India, 1860-1930
Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Schädel Andreas Franz Signaling Weakness or Building Capacity: A Reassessment of the Reputation Argument in Separatist Conflicts Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman


Referent Titel Professur
Balietti Stefano The Complex Systems of Science. Computer simulations, laboratory and online experiments Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dirk Helbing
Berger Jöel Competition and Cooperation. Sociological Studies in Experimental Game Theory Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Bruderer Enzler Heidi   Studies on Pro-Environmental Behavior: Future Orientation as a Predictor of Pro-Environmental Behavior and the Assessment of Ecological Impact Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Elhardt Christoph The Role of Trust in European Monetary Union Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Frankenstein Julia
Human Spatial Representation and Spatial Memory Retrieval Prof. Dr. Christoph Hölscher
Hofer Sarah Isabelle The Interplay Between Gender, Underachievement, and Conceptual Instruction in Physics Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern
Horst Alexandra Christina Economics of Slum Sanitation Prof. Dr. Isabel Günther
Hunziker Philipp Civil Conflict in Petroleum Producing Regions Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Kamenov Nikolay Sober Contemporaries for a Sober Future: The World of Temperance in Bulgaria, 1890-1940 Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Kramm-Masaoka Robert Sanitized Sex: Regulating Prostitution, Vereal Disease and Intimacy in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952 Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Metzger Laura The Relevance of Aid Effectiveness for Private and Public Donors - An Empirical Analyses Prof. Dr. Isabel Günther
Nguyen Thi Dong Quynh
To Trade or Not to Trade: Examining the Social Foundations of Individual Trade Policy Preferences Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Oehl Bianca Public Demand and Climate Change. Polica Making in OECD Countries - From Dynamics of the Demand to Policy Responsiveness Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Ohmura Tamaki Careers, Candidacy Strategy & Gender: Individual Legislative Behaviour in the Bundestag Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bailer
Ten Brincke Robert Hendrik Willem
Behavioral Experiments on Risky Decision Making in Static, Dynamic, and Strategic Contexts Prof. Dr. Ryan Murphy
Tilley Elizabeth Accceptance, Impact and Feasibility of Incentives for increasing Toilet Use: A Case Study in Ethekwini, South Africa Prof. Dr. Isabel Günther


Referent Titel Professur
Ackermann Kurt Alexander
Social Value Orientation: An Analyses of Measurement, From, Predictive Powet, and Malleability of social Preferences Prof. Dr. Ryan Murphy
Baier Sabine Feuerphilosophen. Alchemie als performative Metaphysik des Neuen Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Blasch Julia Elisabeth
Consumer Demand for Voluntary Carbon Offsets. The Role of Motivations, Contexts, and Framing for Public Good Provisions to Mitigate Climate Change Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Bormann Nils-Christian The Causes and Consequences of Ethnic Power-Sharing Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Donnay Karsten Disaggregating Civil Conflict: Theoretical, Methodological and Empirical Contributions Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Dirk Helbing
Elmer Udry Sara Sangita
Visions and Agents of Development in Twentieht Century Nepal Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Gampfer Robert Ingmar Determinants of Individual Preferences for Global Climate Politics: Burden Sharing, Civil Society Involvement, and Governance Architecture Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Hofer Urs Der Weg der eigenen Stimme. Stanley Cavells Philosophie als Erziehung von Erwachsenen Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Jaeger Mark Daniel
Coercion, Risk, and Danger: The Construction of Sanctions and Securitization of International Conflict Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Maynard Darling Katherine Irene   Copyright and New Technologies, Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of Copyright Transfers and Content Production Incentives Prof. Dr. Stefan Bechtold
Mirow Wilhelm Theodor Strategic Culture, Securitisation and the use of force after 11 September 2001: Comparing the security policies and practices of liberal democracies at home and abroad Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Schüpbach Jan Mathis
Foreign Direct Investment in Agriculture. The Impact of Outgrower Schemes and Large-Scale Farm Employment on Wealth in Zambia Prof. Dr. Rolf Kappel
Spöring Francesco Mission and Sozialhygiene: Schweizer Anti-Alkohol-Aktivismus im Kontext von Internationalismus und Kolonialismus, 1886-1939 Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Steinecke Ernst-Christian Schlözers Schreibarbeit, oder: Vom Alltag des Aufklärens. Eine Praxisgeschcihte Historischen Wissens, ca. 1750-1800 Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Tanner Ariane Von Molekülen, Parasiten und Menschen. Alfred James Lotka und die Mathematisierung des Lebens Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Wehrli Stefan Reputation and Networks: Studies in Reputation Effects and Network Formation Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann


Referent Titel Professur
Betzold Carola Non-State Actors in International Climate Change Negotiations Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Casarotto Claudia Water Economics and Governance in the Kafue River Basin,, Zambia Prof. Dr. Rolf Kappel
Edelmann-Ohler Eva   Sprachen des Krieges. Deutungen des Ersten Weltkriegs in zionistischer Publizistik und Literatur (1914-1918) Prof. Dr. Andreas Kilcher
Gheyssens Jonathan Essays on Public Good Decisions. The Role of Context at the Micro and Macro Levels Prof. Dr. Isabel Günther
Kreysing Anna Katharina Prozesse und Funktionen des Erkennens in Ästhetischer Erfahrung Prof. Dr. Lutz Wingert
Mazloumian Seyyed Amin
The Predictability of Widespread Cascades in Techno-Social Networks Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing
Nussbaumer Daniela Möglichkeiten und Grenzen eines Trainings von Arbeitsgedächtnisprozessen: Eine EEG-Studie Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern
Rohling Hannes Moritz "Prices vs. Quantities at the Inter-Country Level". An Economic Analysis of Instrument Choice in Environmental Policy Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Rüegger Seraina Conflict Actors in Motion: Refugees, Rebels and Ethnic Groups Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Sarbu Gerogeta Bianca Control of the Oil Upstream Sector: Explaining Policy Choices across Oil Producing Countries Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Schutte Sebastian Violence, Geography, and Mobilization: A Theory of Insurgency Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Tribaldos Theresa Margarete
Conflict and Cooperation over Domestic Water Resources in the Mediterranean, the Sahel Area, and the Middle East: Drivers and Structural Alternatives for Conflict-Reducing Management Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Vogt Manuel Ethnic Mobilization, Equality and Conflict in Multi-ethnic States Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Welge Rebecca Marie Democratic Citizenship in Multilevel Systems, Normative Standards and the Outcome of Political Membership and Rights in the European Union Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Whyte Christine Whose Slavery? The Language and Politics of Slavery and Abolition in Sierra Leone, 1898-1956 Prof. Dr. Harald Fischer-Tiné
Winzen Thomas Beyond the Decline of Parliament. European Integration and National Parliamentary Democracy Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Zetti Daniela Das Programm der Elektronischen Vielfalt, Fernsehen als Gemeinplatz der BRD, 1950-1980 Prof. Dr. David Gugerli


Referent Titel Professur
Balàzs Lilla
Minority rights protection beyond EU conditionality: Legislative developements and implemenations Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Jensen Thomas Of Time, Consensus & the Council of Ministers Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Koch Ulrich Schockeffekte zur Genese Traumatischer Wahrnehmung Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Matusall Svenja Kirsten Verena
Searching for the Social in the Brain. The Emergence of Social Neuroscience. Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Schüle Martin Natural Computation Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Szöcsik Edina
Ethnic minority parties in political competition Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Thiem Alrik Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Methodological Innovation and Substantive Appications Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Vollenweider Jürg The Effectiveness of International Environmental Agreements - Methodology, Timing, and Network Effects Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Weiler Florian
Negotiating Climate Change: Positioning Behavior, Cooperation and Bargaining Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bailer
Wernli Martina Schreiben am Rand. Die "Kantonale Irrenanstalt Waldau" und ihre Narrative (1895-1936) Prof. Dr. Michael Gamper


Referent Titel Professur
Bechtel Michael M. Actors, Interests, Dynamics: Essays on International and Domestic Institutions in Political Economy Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Deiwiks Christa Ethnofederalism. A Slippery Slope Towards Secessionist Conflict? Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Dolenec Danijela
Power to prey: obstacles to democratization on Southeastern Europe Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Grabner Roland H. Mathematical competencies from the perspective of educational neuroscience Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern
Haller Lea Cortison. Wissensgeschichte eines Hormons, 1900-1955 Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Meyer Reto
Environmental Justice. Zur Sozialen Verteilung von Umweltbelastungen in der Schweiz Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Mikalayeva Liudmila
Discursive Dynamics of Compliance. International Involvement in National Minority Protection Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Perrin Sophie
Explaining the Dynamis of International Legal Commitment in the Area of Air Pollution Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Rauhut Heiko An Experimental Approach to Social Norms. Beliefs, Behavior and Macro-Level Consequences Prof. Dr. Dr. hc. Dirk Helbing
Schalk Lennart Designing learning materials to foster transfer of principles: Which route to take? Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern
Theison Philipp Die Zukunft der Dichtung. Geschichte des Literarischen Orakels 1450-2050 Prof. Dr. Andreas Kilcher
Wucherpfennig Julian Fighting for Change: Onset, Duration, and Recurrence of Ethnic Conflict Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Yu Wenjian Agent-based Modeling of Human Cooperation and Coordinance in Social Systems Prof. Dr. Dirk Helbing
Ziegler Esther Comparison processes and their benefits for learning: Frequently confused concepts in algebra Prof. Dr. Elsbeth Stern


Referent Titel Professur
Beck Lucas
Transboundary Water Allocation in the Zambezi River Basin Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Bies Michael Im Grunde ein Bild: Die Darstellung der Naturforschung bei Kant, Goethe und Alexander von Humboldt Prof. Dr. Michael Gamper
Bschir Karim Wissenschaft und Realität. Skizze eines pragmatischen Empirismus Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Espahangizi Kijan Malte
Wissenschaft im Glas. Eine historische Ökologie moderner Laborforschung Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Freyburg Tina Margarete
Transnational Influences and Democratic Socialization in Authoritarian Contexts Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Hertz Robin Still pedaling? The Impact of Eastern Enlargement on European Union Decision-Making Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Jurje Flavia Raluca Europeanization of the Polity and Politics in a New Member State: Institutions, Comestic Power Constellations, and Conflict in the Decision-Making Process Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Kalbhenn Anna Democracy, International Interlinkages and Cooperation over Shared Resources Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Krebs Lutz F.   Democratization and Ethno-Nationalist Civil War: The Role of Political Leaders Prof. Dr. Lars-Erik Cederman
Krummenacher Peter Expectation, Belief and Framing: Neuropsychopharmacological Aspects of Belief and Judgement Systems Prof. Dr. Gerd Folkers
Kupper Patrick Wildnis Schaffen. Eine transnationale Geschichte des Schweizerischen Nationalparks Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Schaffer Lena Maria Voluntary Climate Change Initiatives in the U.S.: Analyzing Partipation in Space and Time Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Skripka Tatiana
The European Union and Ist Neighbourhood: The Promotion of Democracy and Regional Cooperation Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig
Suter Manuel
The Governance of Cybersecurity: An Analysis of Public-Private Partnerships in a New Field of Security Policy Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Von Brevern Jan
Latente Bilder: Zur Ästhetik und Epistemologie des Alpenbildes im 19. Jahrhunderts Prof. Dr. Michael Hagner
Vorrath Judith Democratization as Integration: Exile, return and changing conflict lines in democratic post-war transitions Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger
Wetzel Anne
The European Union and Democratic Governance Promotion: Effectiveness, Consistency and Impact and the EU Acquis Prof. Dr. Frank Schimmelfennig


Referent Titel Professur
Dapp Marcus Manfred
The effects of software patent polica on the motivation and innovation of free and open source software developers Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Girschik Katja
"Als die Kassen lesen lernten". Eine Technikgeschichte des Schweizer Einzelhandels, 1950-1975 Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Ohndorf Markus Regulatory and Contractual Issues within the Clean Development Mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. An Economic Analysis Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Pavletic Ivan
Political Competition, Economic Reform and Growth: Theory and Evidence from Transition Countries Prof. Dr. Rolf Kappel
Przepiorka Wojciech
Reputation and Signals of Trustworthiness in Social Interactions Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Rheinberger Christoph Matthias
Preferences for mitigating natural hazards on alpine roads: A discrete choice approach Prof. Dr. Renate Schubert
Ruoff Gabriele
Grow rich and clean up later? Joint effects of international integration and democracy on environmental quality in developing countries Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Sieroka Norman
Umgebungen. Philosophischer Konstruktivismus im Anschluss an Hermann Weyl und Fritz Medicus Prof. Dr. Michael Hampe
Weidmann Nils Benedikt
Critical Configurations: Settlement Patterns and Ethnic Violence Prof. Lars-Erik Cederman


Referent Titel Professur
Doenlen Raphael Aloise   Fingerprints of Neural Activity after Peripheral Immune Challenges: An Experimental Study on the Communication between the Immune and Central Nervous System Prof. Dr. Joram Feldon, Prof.  Dr. Manfred Schedlowsk
Jann Ben Erwerbsarbeit, Einkommen und Geschlecht. Studie zum Schweizer Arbeitsmarkt Prof. Dr. Andreas Diekmann
Kammerer Daniel Determinants of Environmental Product Innovation. A Comparative Study on Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronis Appliances in Germany and California Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Riether Carsten Peripheral mediatory mechanisms of behaviorally conditioned immunosuppression by cyclosporin A Prof. Dr. Manfred Schedlowski, Prof. Dr. Joram Feldon


Referent Titel Professur
Bächi Beat
Künstliches Vitamin C: Roche und die Politik chemischen Körpers (1933-1954) Prof. Dr. David Gugerli
Engels Stéphanie Véreonique   Determinants of Environmental Innovations in the Swiss and German Food and Beverage Industry. What Role does environmental regulation play? Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Walter Stefanie Explaining Policy Responses to Speculative Attacks Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer


Referent Titel Professur
Sattler Thomas The Political Economy of International Finance Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Schmid Juan Pedro   Economic Growth and Poverty reduction in India. Effectiveness and Efficiency of Social and Economic Policies by the Centre and the States Prof. Dr. Rolf Kappel
Seijas Nogareda Jazmin
Determinants of Environmental Innovation in the German and Swiss Chemical Industry. With Special Consideration of Envireonmental Regulation Prof. Dr. Thomas Bernauer
Sigrist Stephan Health Horizons. Guide zu den neuen Gesundheitsmärkten Prof. Dr. Gerd Folkers
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