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A unique profile

With the D-GESS department, ETH Zurich can offer an extraordinary range of research and teaching, which strengthens the university’s position. Learn more about D-GESS

Science in Perspective

The study programme Science in Perspective (formerly compulsory elective courses) enables students at ETH Zurich to develop new perspectives on their core subjects’ scientific and technological issues. Read more  

SiP Talk

The name speaks for itself: the «Science in Perspective Talks» tackle current scientific and social questions and highlight what contributions the humanities, social and political sciences can make to these topics. Read more



Evangelos Pournaras will give a talk on Democratization in IoT

On Thursday, July 20 at 19:00, Evangelos Pournaras will give a talk on Engineering Democratization in Internet of Things Data Analytics. The talk will be held at the Toni-Areal in Zurich. Read more 


EPG's Sebastian Sewerin Lead Author for UNEP's Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6)

Dr. Sebastian Sewerin, Post-Doc in the Energy Politics Group, has been invited to join the Global Author's team for the upcoming Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6). Read more 


ETH E4D school on energy and development kicks off in South Africa

On Mon 9, a three-week grad school was kicked off by EPG’s Tobias Schmidt and his team in Cape Town. In the E4D school 25 students from around the world meet to learn about and formulate low-carbon energy and development strategies for five selected low/middle income countries. Read more 

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Paul Bernays Lectures 2017




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