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With the D-GESS department, ETH Zurich can offer an extraordinary range of research and teaching, which strengthens the university’s position. Learn more about D-GESS

SiP Talk

SiP Talk

The name speaks for itself: the «Science in Perspective Talks» tackle current scientific and social questions and highlight what contributions the humanities, social and political sciences can make to these topics. Read more

Science in Perspective

The study programme Science in Perspective (formerly compulsory elective courses) enables students at ETH Zurich to develop new perspectives on their core subjects’ scientific and technological issues. Read more  



New Publication in Climatic Change

Brilé Anderson, Thomas Bernauer, and Stefano Balietti (from Harvard University) investigate the effects of fairness principles on willingness to pay for climate change mitigation using an online experiment. Read more 


Doctoral position (100%) at the Institute of History

The Institute of History at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) invites applications for a Doctoral position (100%) in the research project “Swiss ‘Tools of Empire’. A transnational history of Mercenaries in the Dutch East Indies, 1814—1914”, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Read more 


Caleb Koch speaks about mass media and asylum acceptance rates at the Central European Institute in Budapest (HU) on 20.04.2017

As part of the European Public Society Conference, Caleb Koch will be presenting work co-authored with Izabela Moise, Emina Boudemagh, Karsten Donnay, and Dirk Helbing under the title: “Dynamics between mass media and asylum acceptance rates” on the 20th  of April, 2017. The conference will be held at the Central European Institute in Budapest, Hungary.   Read more 


Professor Helbing speaks at the Complexity Science Hub workshop in Vienna (AT) held on the 8th and 9th of May 2017

Dirk Helbing will speak at the Complexity Science Hub Workshop in Vienna under the title: "Re-inventing society in the digital age". The event will take place on the 8th  and 9th  of May, 2017. Read more 

Current Events

SiP Talk

Panel discussion

SiP Talk #1: Internet and Trust

May, 9, 2017


Forschungstag D-GESS

Presentations of the D-GESS research areas with discussion

May, 18, 2017


The Turing Centre


Paul Bernays Lectures 2017


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