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The diploma programme in military sciences (DAS ETH MILWISS) provides students with a foundation in various fields of military sciences such as military psychology and pedagogy, sociology/military sociology, military history, leadership and communication, economics of defence, strategic studies, security policy as well as teaching methodology.


Understanding complex issues and implementing the lessons in leadership positions

Students acquire competences in analyzing and assessing complex issues of the above-mentioned fields. A major aim is the capacity to express one’s competent view as a military leader.

In addition, the programme supports the establishment of a professional and interdisciplinary network and fosters the exchange of experiences.

Two-semester programme at ETH Zurich

The programme lasts for two semesters, and students are requested to spend six half days per week at ETH Zurich. DAS ETH MILWISS is part of the Diploma Course for career officers, which is run at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich (MILAK). The course language is German.

University degree is required

The target audience of this program are Swiss and foreign officers of the Armed Forces. They must hold a university degree or provide proof of an equivalent education and they must be admitted to the Diploma Course DLG at the Military Academy at ETH Zurich (MILAK).

Admission "sur dossier"

Admission to the Diploma course DLG at MILAK and thus to the diploma program depends on the proposition of the Training Units of the Swiss Armed Forces and of equivalent bodies of foreign armed forces. The delegate of the programme decides “sur dossier”. The costs of the programme are carried by the MoD (VBS).

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