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Contact/Search for thesis supervisor

Application with Academic Services

  • Academic Services review documentation
  • Forwards application to Head of Department
=> Provisional Application

Academic Services

Thesis supervisor

Submission of research plan
  • Within 12 months after applying
  • Authorization by the respective GESS-section required
  • Form Approval of research plan is signed by the thesis supervisor
  • Thesis supervisor sends research plan (via e-mail) and form (in the original) to the Study Administration D-GESS
  • Study Administration forwards documents to Academic Services

=> Definite Admission

Study Administration
Appointment of co-supervisors
  • Thesis supervisor must send CV and lists of publications to the Study Administration
  • Doctoral Committee reviews documentation
  • Study Administration forwards documentation to Academic Services
Study Administration
Registration for doctoral examination with Academic Services
Academic Services
Doctoral examination
  • The doctoral candidate must coordinate the date of the examination with the thesis supervisor, the co-supervisors, the Head of Department and the Department Coordinator
  • The Academic Services send application as well as the thesis and the thesis number to the Study Administration
  • The Study Administration sends out the invitation via email after the doctoral candidate has had the chance to verify it
  • The doctoral candidate reserves a suitable room

Thesis supervisor


Head of Department

Department Coordinator

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