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Dr. Heinrich Nax delivers an introductory lecture on learning in strategic interactions at ETH Zurich on 12.04.2017

Dr. Heinrich Nax will be giving an introductory lecture titled "Learning in strategic interactions: theory and evidence", at ETH Zurich, IFW Building room A36 on April 12, 2017 from 17:15 to 18:30.   Read more 


Professor Helbing delivers keynote address at the Persuasive Technology XII conference in Amsterdam (NL) on 06.04.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving the keynote address at the Persuasive Technology XII conference on April 6, 2017 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The conference is hosted by the Persuasive Health Technology Lab, part of the Centre for eHealth & Wellbeing at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Read more 


Dirk Helbing gives opening speech about the dream of a world simulator and the future of mankind in Basel (CH) on 01.04.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving the opening speech of the event seismograph: Die Welt von morgen – Utopien. Prognosen. Science Fiction, an event of the Volkshochschule beider Basel. The speech, which will be given in German, is titled "Der Traum vom Weltsimulator und die Zukunft der Menschheit". He will also be participating in the panel discussion. The event will take place on April 1, 2017, at Markthalle Basel, Basel, Switzerland.     Read more 


Max Roser gives a talk on publishing science online at ETH Zurich on 13.03.2017

Dr. Max Roser, a senior research fellow at the Institute of New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School, will be speaking on March 13th , at 3.15 pm at CLU building C1. The title of his talk is "Publishing science online – what is possible?", and he will be discussing the possibilities that online publication offers.  Read more 


Professor Helbing gives the welcome note at the panel discussion "Digitales Ich – Digitales Wir: Digitalisierung und die Zukunft der Demokratie" in Halle, Germany (DE) on 24.03.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving the welcome speech at the panel discussion "Digitales Ich – Digitales Wir: Digitalisierung und die Zukunft der Demokratie" at Leopoldina, Halle, Germany, on Friday March 24, 17:00.  Read more 


Dirk Helbing gives keynote speech at STT Symposium on the future of data & society in the Hague (NL) on 9.3.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving a keynote speech at the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends (STT) Symposium "Meer Data". The speech will discuss the future of data and society. The event will take place in the Hague, Netherlands, on Thursday March 9, 2017. Read more 


NZZ: Robots on the way to the executive suites

The prestigious Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) reported on Professor Dirk Helbing's speech at NZZ's "Podium zur Zukunft der Arbeit", or panel on the future of work, in an article covering the event. In the event, questions of how the rapid technological upheavals will fundamentally change the working world of tomorrow and how to adapt to this change were discussed.     Read more 


Netzwoche: Open data for a smart society

Professor Dirk Helbing and Prasad Pulikal explain to Netzwoche the idea of ​​ETH's Nervousnet project, where ordinary citizens help develop new services by providing the needed data. Read more 


Scientific American: Will democracy survive big data and artificial intelligence?

Professor Dirk Helbing co-authored an article in Scientific American discussing the future of democracy, and how the digital revolution will change our world. Read more 


Student Assistant Position: Digital media and Administration

We are looking for a perfectionistic student assistant who would support us in web content management, social media presence, small graphic design tasks, video cutting, and other administrative work such as organizing and running workshops.  Read more 


Heinrich Nax presents his work on welfare properties of meritocratic public goods mechanisms at the Philosophy, Politics and Economics Society Meeting in New Orleans (US) on 18.03.2017

“Meritocratic Matching Can Dissolve the Efficiency-Equality Tradeoff” is the title of the talk Heinrich Nax will be giving in the PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Society Inaugural Meeting, which will take place from the 16th to the 18th of March, 2017 in New Orleans.     Read more 


Heinrich Nax and Bary Pradelski present their work at the 4th Day on Computational Game Theory at ETH Zurich on 17.02.2017

As part of the 4th Day on Computational Game Theory workshop at ETH Zurich, Heinrich Nax will be presenting his work on Behavioural Foundations of Dynamics and Bary Pradelski will give a talk about Decentralized Dynamics and Fast Convergence in the Assignment Game. The talks will be given on the 17th of February, 2017. Read more 

12.02.2017 How fluid dynamics can help you navigate crowds

The Smithsonian magazine published an article discussing how to navigate safely through a crowd. In the article, Professor Helbing explains how modeling a crowd as interacting particles can give insights into how to keep safe in such situations.   Read more 


Postdoctoral position in Big Data and Data Science

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow in the area of Big Data and Data Science with a particular focus on Social Mining within a EU funded project. The project aims to establish a Social Mining and Big Data Ecosystem for ethically sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining to the various dimensions of social life. Read more 


Professor Helbing gives a talk in Amsterdam (NL) on good and bad ways of using data on 16.2.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving a talk in Amsterdam on good and bad ways of using data, as part of the monthly seminar series on Responsible Data Science (RDS) by the Amsterdam Data Science initiative. The talk will take place on Thursday, 16th of February, at the Doelenzaal, UvA Library, Singel 425 (Room C0.07 - Doelenzaal, Building C, Ground Floor).      Read more 


Izabela Moise and Caleb M. Koch give a talk titled "How mass media shapes asylum acceptance rates" at ETH Zurich (CH) on 19.01.2017

As part of the event "NADEL Methods Days", Izabela Moise & Caleb M. Koch will be presenting joint work with E. Boudemagh, K. Donnay, and D. Helbing under the title “How mass media shapes asylum acceptance rates”. The talk will take place on January 19, 2017, from 09:00 to 11:00 in the CLD B 2 building.   Read more 


Futurezone: "A super intelligent system will not save the earth"

In an interview with Futurezone, Professor Dirk Helbing explains the effects digitization and technical advances may have on social and economic systems."A super intelligent system will not save the earth," says Professor Helbing.  Read more 


New Publication in The Journal of Politics

With scholars Iain Osgood (University of Michigan), Dustin Tingley (Harvard), In Song Kim (MIT) and Helen V. Milner (Princeton), Thomas Bernauer and Gabriele Spilker ask: what factors determine firms’ attitudes toward trade policy? Read more 


Nature Energy editorial mentions article co-authored by EPG

The journal Nature Energy celebrates its first birthday with an editorial reviewing research highlights that appeared in their first year. One of the 14 papers mentioned is "Limiting the public cost of stationary battery deplyoment by combining applications" co-authored by researchers from ETH Zurich's EPG and SusTec. Read more 


Professor Dirk Helbing participates in a panel discussion on complexity at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (AT) on 2.2.2017

On the occasion of the Ignaz L. Lieben award ceremony, Professor Dirk Helbing will be participating in a panel discussion with leading complexity researchers at the Austrian Academy of Sciences on February 2nd , 2017. Read more 

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