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The Paul Bernays Lectures are an annual and three-part honorary lecture series about the philosophy of the exact sciences.

The series will alternate between the philosophy of logic or mathematics and the philosophy of physics. This lecture series is established in honor of the eminent logician, mathematician and philosopher of logic and mathematics Paul Bernays who was engaged in teaching and research at the ETH from 1933 to 1959.

Within the framework of the Paul Bernays lectures outstanding philosophers of logic, mathematics or physics will be invited to speak about their pioneering research. The first lecture will present the research topics for a wider audience, the second lecture will address the research community, and a final seminar will offer to the members of the research community the opportunity to discuss with the invited speaker selected research topics and ideas.

Members of the Committee for the Paul Bernays Lectures:

  • Jürg Fröhlich (Physics) ETH, D-PHYS
  • Hanjo Glock (Philosophy) University of Zurich, Philosophic Seminar
  • Alessandra Iozzi (Mathematics) ETH, D-MATH
  • Gerhard Jäger (Logic) Universität Bern, Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  • Norman Sieroka (Philosophy of Physics) ETH, D-GESS
  • Giovanni Sommaruga (Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics) ETH, D-GESS
  • Stefan Wolf (Quanteninformatik), USI Università della Svizzera Italiana
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