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D-GESS studies the societal dynamics of a world shaped by science and technology.

Interface of Humanities and Science

ETH Zurich aims to open up the innovative potential of scientific research to the general public and business as a contribution to a positive development of society as a whole. With their research at the interface of the humanities and science, the D-GESS professorships contribute to making this vision become a reality.

Strategic Initiatives of ETH Zurich

In performing high-end fundamental research in their various areas of expertise, the researchers at D-GESS aim to contribute in concrete ways to overcoming the great challenges of the 21st century. This is why they also take part in ETH Zurich’s initiatives in the spheres of security and risk, energy and climate change, cities and development, and life and health.

Coping with Complexity

As part of the Department’s research focus on Coping with Complexity, D-GESS researchers investigate questions arising from the growing complexity of contemporary systems.

More than 40 per cent third-party funding

D-GESS research projects are financed by ETH Zurich, contributions from the Swiss National Fund (SNF), the ETH’s internal research fund, and by third-party funding, which accounts for more than 40 per cent of overall funding. Research activity generates around 500 publications in internationally renowned academic journals every year.

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