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The Archives of Contemporary History (AfZ) promote research in Swiss contemporary history. From World War I to the present.


Archiving as a national objective

The Archives of Contemporary History takes on an objective of national importance in securing historical cultural heritage within the strategic focus of ETH Zurich. As special archives it complements government archiving.   

From World War I to the present

The Archives of Contemporary History collects written, audio and image documents of private origin relating to the history of Switzerland from the late 19th century to the present. The Archives provides public access to these historical sources and encourages research of Swiss contemporary history.

Three focal points

The Archives disposes of personal papers, institutional archives, testimonials of oral history as well as files from foreign archives on micro-film and thematic documentations:

The Documentation Centre Jewish Contemporary History bridges a gap within the Swiss archives community. It is a research facility against oblivion and as such belongs to the international community of archives of the Shoa. It cooperates with numerous institutions in documenting the Holocaust and adds a special Swiss contribution to this important task.

The Archives of Contemporary History offers an Expertise in Political Contemporary History with regard of a wide range of record groups that are concerning general Swiss history such as personal papers from individuals or archives of organisations which cover the time span from the First World War, the interwar period, the Second World War, the Cold War to the present.

The Archives makes accessible essential source material deriving from private economy. This archival material focuses on Swiss economic policy and Swiss foreign economic policy. The Archive with its Expertise in Economy and Contemporary History thus fulfils the function of a public economic archives in the area of Zurich.

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