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Research in the "Behavior" section supplies the foundations for integrating scientific insights successfully into society.

Adressing societal challenges

In order to tackle challenges such as global climate change, the transformation of energy supply systems or combating poverty, it is not sufficient to understand scientific correlations and to present technical solutions. What is also required is a deeper understanding of the social nature of humankind and of the ways in which scientific insights are communicated to the general public and can be practically applied in society.

Understanding human behavior

It is precisely these aspects that the "Behavior" (behavioral studies) section at D-GESS investigates. Researchers in this area enquire as to how humans – both as individuals and as parts of society – behave in certain social environments and study the practical effects of this behavior on the practical application of scientific-technical insights in society as well as on other social and economic developments.

Broad range of methodologies

In their investigations, the researchers in the "Behavior" section make use of a comprehensive methodological toolbox. In addition to their theoretical work, they also model sequences using computer models and collect empirical data as part of field research and survey experiments. Not least, they also conduct experiments in the test laboratory.

Professorships in the "Behavior" section


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