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Knowledge is fascinating, dangerous, and useful. Knowledge is what drives, structures, and sustains a society. This is also the reason for its diverse manifestations.

Investigating conditions of possibility relating toknowledge

The "Knowledge" section investigates normative and narrative conditions of possibility relating to knowledge – in its institutional consolidation, in its historical changes, and in its material practice.

In particular, the focus of interest lies on three topical areas:

  1. How is data generated, retained, and distributed, and how is this data converted into facts, and how are the facts ultimately used to generate knowledge?
  2. What role does knowledge about "the good life" play for the moral self-guidance of modern humankind?
  3. What is the significance of the theory of evolution for the self-image of humankind in the humanities and in popular culture?

Philosophical, historical, and literary perspectives

The professorships in the "Knowledge" section apply philosophical, historical, and literary perspectives to deal with the conditions, problems, and developments of the natural and engineering sciences that are part of the range of subjects offered by ETH Zurich.

Professorships in the "Knowledge" section

Also attached to the Knowledge research area is:

Archives of Contemporary History

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