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In addition to a mandatory basic range of course offerings for all students at ETH Zurich, D-GESS also offers specific courses and opportunities for further education.

Complementing scientific-technical education at ETH

In the various lectures it offers, D-GESS complements the predominantly scientifically and technically oriented syllabus of instruction at ETH Zurich. In this way, the department allows ETH Zurich to offer a unique form of holistic and modern education.

Science in Perspective, Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, doctorate, and didactic training

On the one hand, the professors at D-GESS and their lecturers are part of the compulsory elective course that must be taken by all students at ETH Zurich. On the other hand, they also offer Bachelor’s and Master’s courses of their own as well as the possibility of studying for a doctorate. Finally, D-GESS together with the respective professorships of other departments is also in charge of didactic training.

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