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The specialized Master’s course in History and Philosophy of Knowledge is a cooperative project of the Professorships for Literature and Cultural Studies, History of the Modern World, Philosophy, History of Technology and Science Studies at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences.

Interdisciplinary program

In a two-year program, students are taught to explore the socially changing production of knowledge and technology in the context of a particular field of research with a humanities and cultural studies approach.

Students gain a well-founded understanding of the natural sciences and technical sciences. On the one hand, they are given the analytical tools to critically review the premises and effects of these scientific disciplines. On the other hand, the course enables them to comment on the conditions of academic work. Students also learn to make scientific results and their societal impacts accessible to a broader audience.


In the first two semesters, theoretical approaches, methodologies, and sources for the subjects on offer are taught. In the second study phase, the emphasis is on discussion of theoretical and source texts and the composition of a Master’s thesis.

The Master’s course in History and Philosophy of Knowledge takes four semesters (full-time study). The teaching language is German. For outstanding students, their Master’s degree may be the starting point for a PhD project.


The admission process is selective. Participation requires an excellent BA degree in a subject from the humanities, cultural studies, or natural or technical sciences as well as flawless German language skills.

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