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Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences

Understanding People - Steering Developments - Grasping Knowledge

A unique profile

With the D-GESS department, ETH Zurich can offer an extraordinary range of research and teaching, which strengthens the university’s position. Learn more about D-GESS

Four core areas

Its orientation towards the four core areas of Behavior (behavioral science), Governance (political science), Knowledge (humanities) and Law & Economics helps D-GESS maintain a clear profile in teaching and research.

Learn more about D-GESS

D-GESS departement proudly presents its new brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Science in Perspective

The study programme Science in Perspective (formerly compulsory elective courses) enables students at ETH Zurich to develop new perspectives on their core subjects’ scientific and technological issues. Read more  



New Publication in Global Environmental Politics

Climate clubs, or “minilateralism,” are increasingly advocated as a way to move global climate governance forward. With supporters and detractors, climate clubs need careful institutional design to be politically feasible. A new article by Robert Gampfer investigates the design features that affect public support support. Read more 


Die Welt: And if the swarm is not intelligent?

A German daily newspaper Die Welt published an article on swarm intelligence in the context of Brexit. Professor Dirk Helbing offered a comment. Read more 


ASSET project

Networking and inspiration for the ASSET project. Read more 

Current Events

Paul Bernays Lectures 2016

14. - 15. September 2016

Prof. Dr. W. Hugh Woodin
Unsolvable Problems in Mathematics and what to do about them


Science and Development Forum

23 September 2016

Forced migration: Research and Policy

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