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Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences

Understanding People - Steering Developments - Grasping Knowledge

A unique profile

With the D-GESS department, ETH Zurich can offer an extraordinary range of research and teaching, which strengthens the university’s position. Learn more about D-GESS

Four core areas

Its orientation towards the four core areas of Behavior (behavioral science), Governance (political science), Knowledge (humanities) and Law & Economics helps D-GESS maintain a clear profile in teaching and research.

Learn more about D-GESS

D-GESS departement proudly presents its new brochure (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Caroline von Humboldt Award

Margarete Pratschke

Dr. Margarete Pratschke (Science Studies) receives the Caroline von Humboldt Award. Congratulations!

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Golden Owl 2016

Golden Owl for Prof. T. Schmidt

Prof. Tobias Schmidt (Energy politics) receives Golden Owl for excellent teaching.

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Science in Perspective

The study programme Science in Perspective (formerly compulsory elective courses) enables students at ETH Zurich to develop new perspectives on their core subjects’ scientific and technological issues. Read more  


12.02.2017 : How fluid dynamics can help you navigate crowds

The Smithsonian magazine published an article discussing how to navigate safely through a crowd. In the article, Professor Helbing explains how modeling a crowd as interacting particles can give insights into how to keep safe in such situations.   Read more 


Postdoctoral position in Big Data and Data Science

We are looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow in the area of Big Data and Data Science with a particular focus on Social Mining within a EU funded project. The project aims to establish a Social Mining and Big Data Ecosystem for ethically sensitive scientific discoveries and advanced applications of social data mining to the various dimensions of social life. Read more 


Professor Helbing gives a talk in Amsterdam (NL) on good and bad ways of using data on 16.2.2017

Professor Dirk Helbing will be giving a talk in Amsterdam on good and bad ways of using data, as part of the monthly seminar series on Responsible Data Science (RDS) by the Amsterdam Data Science initiative. The talk will take place on Thursday, 16th of February, at the Doelenzaal, UvA Library, Singel 425 (Room C0.07 - Doelenzaal, Building C, Ground Floor).      Read more 

Current Events


Moral Machines? Ethnical Implications of Contemporary Robotics
Dr. Joana Bryson
February, 23/24, 2017
RZ Building, RZ F21



Science, Aesthetics, and Politics of the Occult
March 10/11, 2017

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Inaugural Lecture

Prof. Dr. Roy Wagner
On mathematical thought

February 27, 2017, 17:15h
ETH Main Building, HG F30


Introductory Lecture

PD Dr. Heinrich Nax
Learning in strategic interactions: theory and evidence

April, 12, 2017, 17:15h
IFW Building, IFW A36

PD Dr. Nadia Mazouz
Viele Theorien, eine Wahrheit? Über den Pluralismus in der Moralphilosophie

Mai, 10, 2017, 17:15h
IFW Building, IFW A32.1


Paul Bernays Lectures 2017

Prof. Dr. David Gross
Series of Lectures
September, 12/13, 2017
ETH Main Building, Auditorium F3


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