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The "Law & Economics" section analyzes how existing legal institutions function and could be improved.

Corporate Governance & Banking

Access to finance requires deep pockets, financially solid/astute backers, satisfying financial intermediaries and/or being attractive to investors. The "Law & Economics" section seeks to understand how firm decision-making and transactions with related or third parties affect firms’ financial performance and their capacity to raise funds through capital markets or directly from banks, venture capitalists, private equity and other fund managers.


Intellectual property laws provide extensive legal institutions to incentivize creativity and innovation. The extent to which these institutions achieve these goals depends on many industry-specific factors and technological developments. The "Law & Economics" section seeks to understand the relationship between intellectual property institutions and innovative behavior, in particular, emerging technologies.

Methodological Approaches

The "Law & Economics" section applies a wide range of current social science research methods to legal questions. These methods include formal models, large-scale statistical studies, and experiments in the lab and field. By adopting these techniques, law & economics participates in the wider social science research on the relationship between human behavior and institutions.

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